No 1 DOL Breeder AGAIN for 2024.

We are a small boutique kennel (by international standards) based in Sydney, striving to breed to type, structure, soundness and movement. This is reflected in our very successful show results. 

We have the best of the best in our breeding line, which includes top Australian lineage as well as a dog from the No 1 winning Russian / European champion, Multi CH Metti Surprise at Glare who Best in Show at the World Dog Show 2022.  We have both a son and a daughter (two separate litters, with different dams) from this dog.

We have imported 4 dogs into Australia in the last 10 years and have our 5th dog arriving in May 2024.  We have observed the impacts of inbreeding on current Australian stock and understand the importance of new blood.  We ensure any new bloodlines are aligned to our current stock and breeding program, that is, we are not going completely “out” all the time.  Line breeding is good up to a certain extent.

We are the only Bedlington Terrier Kennel in Australia to have taken dogs to Europe to successfully compete at the World Dog Shows and have an Australian bred dog have both an Irish and English Champion.  We are guided by how our dogs perform in other countries; this provides a sanity check on the way our breeding is going.

We are very blessed to have formed a friendship with Elena Pykhtar of L'End Show kennels and are very grateful for the guidance and support Elena provides, notwithstanding all the hard work she has put into Melody.

As we breed selectively, all our puppies are raised in our home and are well socialised and are therefore happy, friendly, confident, and outgoing. All our puppies are micro chipped, vaccinated and DNA tested.  

We are committed to this versatile, agile and graceful breed.  All funds from the sale of puppies goes back into the breed. The breed in Australia is very important to us, hence our guidance from reputable kennels.  

We have never bred an unregistered litter and do not allow our dogs to be used for backyard breeding.  The welfare of our puppies and dogs is paramount. You may think this would be a prerequisite for registered breeders, but apparently not.  Do your homework on selecting a breeder.

WW-18, EW-18,JWW-17 Fioralainn Russian Melody