We have had limited showing due to my old brain trying to absorb Terrier breed standards, notwithstanding this, we are still very competitive.


CH Fioralainn Taste of Diamonds, Krista  -  I really like how she is maturing and her natural shape and conformation.

Fioralainn Queen of the Fairies - Oonagh, our wild child.  She is an enigma.  But is coming into her own in the show ring.  

L'End Show My Star is Born (imp Russia) - Naula has come into her own and matured beautifully.  Her father won Best in Show at WDS 2021.

CH Fioralainn Laoch Mor - Seamus, our loud, noisy clown.  Always wanting to play.

Fioralainn Scooty Scoot - our beautiful up and coming young boy who has already had a BIS-2 and BIG-1 at 9 months.

Fioralainn Born of Fire - Kenna.  She is a year old now and a ball of fire.  We look forward to watching her mature.



Fioraliann Queen of the Fairies


Fioralainn Scooty Scoot

Fioralainn Laoch Mor

Fioralainn Born of Fire

Fioralainn Taste of Diamonds - Krista