2021 July:  Very sad day.  We said goodbye to our beautiful Lachie. More info and photos to come.

2019 was a very sad year for our oldies.  We said good-bye to Piperdene Puberty Blu - BLUE and Piperdene Bobby McGee - Schnitzel.  It was heartbreaking but in both cases we had to make the decision to let them go with dignity.

Unfortunately we also said goodbye to the beautiful Sienna, Fioralainn Russian Skye.  Sienna was owned by Arielle Franco and living with us and unfortunately slipped her lead and got run over.  A very sad and tragic day.

We love all our dogs but Suziblu was a very special girl and started my love for this breed.  It was an incredibly sad day on the 9 June 2013 when we said goodbye to her.