I always advise prospective puppy buyers to ensure the ideas they have on the Bedlington Terrier meets their expectations, before they actually purchase one.  Some thoughts for consideration are:

  • Approximate size of an adult dog
  • Differences between male and female dog
  • Grooming requirements
  • Exercise requirements
  • Health profile
  • Colour required
  • Breed standard

    Generally, if they are in Sydney, I invite them to come around and view my dogs as in doing this, they will be ale to see heir living conditions, what they eat, their various behavioural traits etc.

    Always ask the Breeder questions and questions I would ask are this?

    • Are you a member of your controlling body?  In my instance it is Dogs NSW. Ask to see their membership card and ensure it is valid.
    • Do Bedlington terriers require any health testing?  Yes.  Copper Toxicosis. Ask who they use to ensure it is a reputable company.
    • What type of vet care do Bedlinton Terriers require?  Only the norm like vaccinations, dew claws and worming.
    • Will the puppies be registered? They should be by a controlling state in which the Breeder resides.
    • Can buyers visit the puppies after birth?  I always allow this approximately 4 weeks after they are born.  It is good to see the facilities and the parents of the puppies
    • Socialisation.  What socialisation is provided for the puppies?
    • Do they have a purchase contract - some breeders may say a dog will be on a limited registration which will impact breeding of that dog.
    • Diet.  Ask if a diet will be provided for the puppy.
    • At what age can the puppy leave for its new home?
    • Can the puppy be returned?
    • Will the breeder assist in selecting a puppy that fits into what they want eg some families may want a quiter puppy than an over the top one.
    • Will the breeder be available to answer any questions after the purchase?

    A good breeder should quiz you about "how and why and what" re purchasing their puppies.